5. Plastic extrusion tubes

  • Lisa colorchange plastic  tube-No. 0900
Lisa colorchange plastic  tube-No. 0900

Lisa colorchange plastic tube-No. 0900

  • Product ID: T0900LIA
  • Shape: round, oval, superoval, special
  • Sealing type: screw cap or flip top cap
  • Decoration: offset printing, silk-screening, water transfer printing, 3D stereoprinting, colorchange printing, hot-stamping, varnishing, metalization, labeling, etc.
  • Product description: plastic tubes for personal care products, such as lotions, creams, cleansers, foundations

I. Dimension parameters

Appearance Name Code Tube Diameter Head size Head height Orifice Diameter
Lisa No.0900-01 Φ13.5mm M6 4mm Φ1-1.5mm
Lisa No.0900-02 Φ13.5mm M6 14mm Φ1/1.5/2mm
Lisa No.0900-03 Φ13.5mm N/A 23.1mm Φ1.8mm
Lisa No.0900-04 Φ16mm M9 4.8mm Φ1.5-3mm
Lisa No.0900-05 Φ16mm M6 14mm Φ1/1.5/2mm
Lisa No.0900-06 Φ16mm N/A 23.1mm Φ1.8mm
Lisa No.0900-07 Φ16mm M13 12mm Φ1mm
Lisa No.0900-08 Φ16mm M13 N/A Φ1mm
Lisa No.0900-09 Φ16mm M12 16.6mm Φ1.5mm
Lisa No.0900-10 Φ19mm M10 5.8mm Φ1.5-3mm
Lisa No.0900-11 Φ19mm M6 14mm Φ1/1.5/2mm
Lisa No.0900-12 Φ19mm M9 15.1mm Φ1mm
Lisa No.0900-13 Φ19mm M11 18.3mm Φ1.7mm
Lisa No.0900-14 Φ19mm M17 16mm Φ1.5mm
Lisa No.0900-15 Φ19mm N/A 17.8mm Φ3mm
Lisa No.0900-16 Φ19mm N/A 23.1mm Φ1.8/2.5mm
Lisa No.0900-17 Φ19mm M15 17.6mm Φ1mm
Lisa No.0900-18 Φ19mm M15 7.9mm N/A
Lisa No.0900-19 Φ19mm M15 13.2mm N/A
Lisa No.0900-20 Φ22mm M10 5.8mm Φ1-3mm
Lisa No.0900-21 Φ22mm M11 18.3mm Φ1-2mm
Lisa No.0900-22 Φ22mm N/A 17.8mm Φ3mm
Lisa No.0900-23 Φ22mm M10 8mm N/A
Lisa No.0900-24 Φ25mm M10 5.8mm Φ1.5-5mm
Lisa No.0900-25 Φ25mm M10 5.5mm Φ1.5-5mm
Lisa No.0900-26 Φ25mm M10 5.3mm Φ1.5-5mm
Lisa No.0900-27 Φ25mm M11 17.3mm Φ1.5-2mm
Lisa No.0900-28 Φ25mm M11 18.3mm Φ1-2mm
Lisa No.0900-29 Φ25mm N/A 18mm Φ3mm
Lisa No.0900-30 Φ25mm N/A N/A Φ10mm
Lisa No.0900-31 Φ30mm M15 6mm Φ1.5-6mm
Lisa No.0900-32 Φ30mm M15 12.5mm Φ1.5-5mm
Lisa No.0900-33 Φ30mm M14 15.9mm Φ1.5mm
Lisa No.0900-34 Φ30mm M13 19.2mm Φ1/1.2/2.5mm
Lisa No.0900-35 Φ30mm M15 17.2mm Φ1.5mm
Lisa No.0900-36 Φ30mm N/A N/A Φ10mm
Lisa No.0900-37 Φ35mm M15 6mm N/A
Lisa No.0900-38 Φ35mm M15 6mm Φ3-6mm
Lisa No.0900-39 Φ35mm M15 12.5mm Φ1.5-5mm
Lisa No.0900-40 Φ35mm M18.1 15mm Φ3.8mm
Lisa No.0900-41 Φ35mm N/A N/A Φ10mm
Lisa No.0900-42 Φ35mm Φ20.6mm 9.2mm N/A
Lisa No.0900-43 Φ38mm M15 6mm Φ1.5-6mm
Lisa No.0900-44 Φ38mm M22 10.1mm Φ1.5-6mm
Lisa No.0900-45 Φ38mm N/A 21.54mm N/A
Lisa No.0900-46 Φ38mm M22 10mm N/A
Lisa No.0900-47 Φ40mm M15 6mm Φ1.5-6mm
Lisa No.0900-48 Φ40mm M15 6.6mm Φ1.5-6mm
Lisa No.0900-49 Φ40mm M22 10mm Φ1.5-8mm
Lisa No.0900-50 Φ40mm M15 12.3mm Φ1.5-5mm
Lisa No.0900-51 Φ40mm M22 10mm Φ1.5-8mm
Lisa No.0900-52 Φ40mm M17 14.4mm Φ5mm
Lisa No.0900-53 Φ40mm Φ20.6mm 9.2mm N/A
Lisa No.0900-54 Φ40mm M22 10mm N/A
Lisa No.0900-55 Φ45mm M22 10mm Φ1.5-8mm
Lisa No.0900-56 Φ50mm M22 10mm Φ1.5-8mm
Lisa No.0900-57 Φ50mm M22 10mm Φ1.5-8mm
Lisa No.0900-58 Φ50mm M22 16.4mm Φ8mm
Lisa No.0900-59 Φ50mm Φ21mm 9.8mm Φ8mm
Lisa No.0900-60 Φ50mm Φ20.6mm 9.2mm Φ10mm
Lisa No.0900-61 Φ50mm M22 10mm N/A
Lisa No.0900-62 Φ60mm M22 10mm Φ1.5-8mm

II. Features
1. to turn from colorless to red or blue after absorbing energy from an ultroviolet source and to return to its original color  spontaneously if the UV source disappears
2. The fiercer the sunlight is , the darker it changes. It can remind the customer to use if the customer take it out of the purse and watch it in the sunlight for healthy sunscreen.
3. If the sunlight or UV source doesn't illuminate the tube direcly,  it doesn't change color. It is easy to be stored.
4. 62 items for a wide selection, volume from 3 ml to 400 ml, tube diameter from 13.5 mm to 50 mm
5. double & 5 layers options

6. any custom color

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