5. Plastic extrusion tubes

  • Ceci wood fiber plastic  tube-No. 0901
Ceci wood fiber plastic  tube-No. 0901

Ceci wood fiber plastic tube-No. 0901

  • Product ID: T0901CEI
  • Shape: round, oval, superoval, special
  • Sealing type: screw cap or flip top cap
  • Decoration: offset printing, silk-screening, water transfer printing, 3D stereoprinting, colorchange printing, hot-stamping, varnishing, metalization, labeling, etc.
  • Product description: plastic tubes for personal care products, such as lotions, creams, cleansers, foundations

I. Dimension parameters

Appearance Name Code Tube Diameter Head size Head height Orifice Diameter
Ceci No.0901-01 Φ13.5mm M6 4mm Φ1-1.5mm
Ceci No.0901-02 Φ13.5mm M6 14mm Φ1/1.5/2mm
Ceci No.0901-03 Φ13.5mm N/A 23.1mm Φ1.8mm
Ceci No.0901-04 Φ16mm M9 4.8mm Φ1.5-3mm
Ceci No.0901-05 Φ16mm M6 14mm Φ1/1.5/2mm
Ceci No.0901-06 Φ16mm N/A 23.1mm Φ1.8mm
Ceci No.0901-07 Φ16mm M13 12mm Φ1mm
Ceci No.0901-08 Φ16mm M13 N/A Φ1mm
Ceci No.0901-09 Φ16mm M12 16.6mm Φ1.5mm
Ceci No.0901-10 Φ19mm M10 5.8mm Φ1.5-3mm
Ceci No.0901-11 Φ19mm M6 14mm Φ1/1.5/2mm
Ceci No.0901-12 Φ19mm M9 15.1mm Φ1mm
Ceci No.0901-13 Φ19mm M11 18.3mm Φ1.7mm
Ceci No.0901-14 Φ19mm M17 16mm Φ1.5mm
Ceci No.0901-15 Φ19mm N/A 17.8mm Φ3mm
Ceci No.0901-16 Φ19mm N/A 23.1mm Φ1.8/2.5mm
Ceci No.0901-17 Φ19mm M15 17.6mm Φ1mm
Ceci No.0901-18 Φ19mm M15 7.9mm N/A
Ceci No.0901-19 Φ19mm M15 13.2mm N/A
Ceci No.0901-20 Φ22mm M10 5.8mm Φ1-3mm
Ceci No.0901-21 Φ22mm M11 18.3mm Φ1-2mm
Ceci No.0901-22 Φ22mm N/A 17.8mm Φ3mm
Ceci No.0901-23 Φ22mm M10 8mm N/A
Ceci No.0901-24 Φ25mm M10 5.8mm Φ1.5-5mm
Ceci No.0901-25 Φ25mm M10 5.5mm Φ1.5-5mm
Ceci No.0901-26 Φ25mm M10 5.3mm Φ1.5-5mm
Ceci No.0901-27 Φ25mm M11 17.3mm Φ1.5-2mm
Ceci No.0901-28 Φ25mm M11 18.3mm Φ1-2mm
Ceci No.0901-29 Φ25mm N/A 18mm Φ3mm
Ceci No.0901-30 Φ25mm N/A N/A Φ10mm
Ceci No.0901-31 Φ30mm M15 6mm Φ1.5-6mm
Ceci No.0901-32 Φ30mm M15 12.5mm Φ1.5-5mm
Ceci No.0901-33 Φ30mm M14 15.9mm Φ1.5mm
Ceci No.0901-34 Φ30mm M13 19.2mm Φ1/1.2/2.5mm
Ceci No.0901-35 Φ30mm M15 17.2mm Φ1.5mm
Ceci No.0901-36 Φ30mm N/A N/A Φ10mm
Ceci No.0901-37 Φ35mm M15 6mm N/A
Ceci No.0901-38 Φ35mm M15 6mm Φ3-6mm
Ceci No.0901-39 Φ35mm M15 12.5mm Φ1.5-5mm
Ceci No.0901-40 Φ35mm M18.1 15mm Φ3.8mm
Ceci No.0901-41 Φ35mm N/A N/A Φ10mm
Ceci No.0901-42 Φ35mm Φ20.6mm 9.2mm N/A
Ceci No.0901-43 Φ38mm M15 6mm Φ1.5-6mm
Ceci No.0901-44 Φ38mm M22 10.1mm Φ1.5-6mm
Ceci No.0901-45 Φ38mm N/A 21.54mm N/A
Ceci No.0901-46 Φ38mm M22 10mm N/A
Ceci No.0901-47 Φ40mm M15 6mm Φ1.5-6mm
Ceci No.0901-48 Φ40mm M15 6.6mm Φ1.5-6mm
Ceci No.0901-49 Φ40mm M22 10mm Φ1.5-8mm
Ceci No.0901-50 Φ40mm M15 12.3mm Φ1.5-5mm
Ceci No.0901-51 Φ40mm M22 10mm Φ1.5-8mm
Ceci No.0901-52 Φ40mm M17 14.4mm Φ5mm
Ceci No.0901-53 Φ40mm Φ20.6mm 9.2mm N/A
Ceci No.0901-54 Φ40mm M22 10mm N/A
Ceci No.0901-55 Φ45mm M22 10mm Φ1.5-8mm
Ceci No.0901-56 Φ50mm M22 10mm Φ1.5-8mm
Ceci No.0901-57 Φ50mm M22 10mm Φ1.5-8mm
Ceci No.0901-58 Φ50mm M22 16.4mm Φ8mm
Ceci No.0901-59 Φ50mm Φ21mm 9.8mm Φ8mm
Ceci No.0901-60 Φ50mm Φ20.6mm 9.2mm Φ10mm
Ceci No.0901-61 Φ50mm M22 10mm N/A
Ceci No.0901-62 Φ60mm M22 10mm Φ1.5-8mm

II. Features

1. environment-friendly wood fiber material matching FDA and EU10/2011 standards

2. The grains can be produced on the sleeve surface, which gives people the same sense of touching on the natural wood

3. 62 items for a wide selection, volume from 3 ml to 400 ml, tube diameter from 13.5 mm to 50 mm

4. any custom color